Tuesday, October 24

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Gospel of Barnabas !
Barnabas, His Gospel, and its Credibility
Who invented the Trinity?
The Bible Led Me to Islam
What Did Jesus Really Say?
Missionary Christianity - A Muslim Analysis by Gary Miller

Aqeedat (creed of ) Ahl Assunnah Waljama'ah by Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen
33 Lessons For Every Muslim
This Is Muhammad ! (PBUH)

  • Ahmed Deedat & Garry Miller - Christanity and Islam (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
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  • Ahmed Deedat - A Dire Warning (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
  • Download25.97 MB
  • Ahmed Deedat - Al Qur'an A Miracle of Miracles (www.aswatalislam.net).ra
  • Download24.43 MB
  • Ahmed Deedat - Arabs & Israel - Conflict or Conciliation (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
  • Download38.14 MB
  • Ahmed Deedat - At Fosis's (23rd Annual Winter Gathering) (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
  • Download29.66 MB
  • Ahmed Deedat - Challenge of Islam (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
  • Download29.70 MB
  • Ahmed Deedat - Christ in Islam (Sequel To) (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
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  • Ahmed Deedat - Christ in Islam (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
  • Download30.50 MB
  • Ahmed Deedat - Christanity and Islam(Geneva) (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
  • Download29.70 MB
  • Ahmed Deedat - Christian Guests In Your Mosque (www.aswatalislam.net).rm

  • Ahmed Deedat - Christian Missionaries in the World (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
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  • Ahmed Deedat - Christianity, Judaism or Islam (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
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  • Ahmed Deedat - Concept of God in Hinduism (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
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  • Ahmed Deedat - Is Jesus God (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
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  • Ahmed Deedat - Jesus (PBUH) Man, Myth or God (www.aswatalislam.net).rm
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