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The Status Of Women In Islam

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Status of Women in Islam

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"Lo! men who surrender unto Allah, and women who surrender, and men who believe and women who believe, and men who obey and women who obey, and men who speak the truth and women who speak the truth, and men who persevere (in righteousness) and women who persevere, and men who are humble and women who are humble, and men who give alms and women who give alms, and men who fast and women who fast, and men who guard their modesty and women who guard (their modesty) , and men who remember Allah much and women who remember Allah hath prepared for them forgiveness and a vast reward"

[Qur'an 33:35]

Perhaps the most widespread misconception about Islam is that it abuses and humiliates women. Nothing could be further from the truth - Islam accords women the honour and dignity they deserve. Islam teaches that men and women are partners in life, with different but complementary roles and responsibilities, suited to their unique abilities and strengths.

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