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Bismillah Rahman Raheem

Salam alaykum to all who follow True Gudiance from Above:

Many Christians write to me or talk with me concerning the belief system in Islam. This is a good chance for us to explore what we know about their beliefs (and our own) on a first hand basis.

It is always my pleasure to hold dialogs (while I do detest debates, especially by amatures) with the Jewish and Christian scholars and students of knowledge. This is actually how I was first properly introduced into Islam.

I would like to share with you now, what one of our Christian sisters in faith has written to me and ask you to reflect on what she is saying and follower her train of thought to the end of her letter.

Then take a few minutes to read my reply to her and pray for both of us, and ask Almighty Allah to guide everyone to all truth. For it is only Allah who Guides and whomever Allah Guides, none can misguide them.

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Hi,I've read your testimony of coming to Islam.
I'm a Baptist Christian and am very interested inthe absolute TRUTH which I believe Christ to be.However, if it could be proven that my beliefs arewrong and that Islam is right, I would become aMuslim immediately, for why would one want to believein something that one knows is not true?

You state that Muslims hold up Christ as a prophet of God,not as his son. Christ doesn't explicitly declare that he is Sonof God but it is clearly understood implicitly, so Christ disgreeswith Muhammed; if they're both prophets of God then HOWCOULD THEY DISAGREE? As Christ himself stated, he didNOT come to abolish the Law, but to FULFILL it! He is inagreement with all the Old Testament prophets, but most definetely NOT with Muhammed so there is NO WAY thatIslam can claim to be a fulfillment of the Old and New Testamentbecause Islam DISAGREES with the Old and New Testament!

If Allah is the source for the Old and New Testament AND theQuran, then HOW COULD THEY DISAGREE with each other??

The Old and New Testaments (Old and New Covenantsbetween man and God) complement each other, there isabsolutely NO NEED for any third part, like Islam. How do you reconcile all this?

And also, please don't claim to have been a Christian when lying and cheating was a normal way of your life. Not that I'm a saint but it definetely does not look like the Holy Spirit was in you.

How do you reconcile all this?


kris plasun
Reply to the Questioner!

Hello Kris:
Thank you for writing to me. I hope that what I say will not offend you in any way.
Your letter has some very interesting and absolutely true statements.

I was wondering if you would really like to see the 'errors' in your statements, or as you have said yourself, you are already convinced about the role of Jesus and you don't want to know anything that might disagree with what you already want to believe?

Jesus, peace be upon him, is very dear to me and I feel the same for Muhammad, peace be upon him. Most important to me though, is my relationship with the One and only God. The God of Adam and all the prophets. The God that they all prayed to. The God that Jesus, peace be upon him, worshipped. I love God. I pray that God will love me and forgive my sins.

I pray to God, directly and without any intercession or icons or idols of any kind. I pray only to Him and I ask Him to guide me. If He does, then I'll be all right. If He doesn't, then who could help if He doesn't want me to be guided? I have studied the religions of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith for a number of years. I have held public dialogs with the well known professors of seminary colleges and universities. I have watched thousands of people enter into the submission of God (that is what 'Islam' means) and all the while, I have known that it wasn't from me. The Guidance to Islam or away from Islam is only coming from Almighty God [Allah in Arabic].

You are most welcome to write to me if you like. But I do not wish to argue or fight with anyone on this subject if it can be avoided. My religion teaches me that no one can be forced or coerced into believing in One True God, who is due all worship without any partners.

If you would like a quick overview of the meanings of the words that are used in presenting Islam in the English language, then feel free to check out what I have written on this topic at:

After you have read these meanigs - please write back and tell me what you have found, if you like.

Thank you again for taking your time to be concerned and to write to me. Who knows? Maybe one of us is closer to the other one than we know?
Shaikh Yusuf Estes, ex-christian preacher who reverted to Islam (Allahu Akbar-God Is Great!!!)