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Assalamu 'Alaikum, peace be upon you!

We receive emails/comments from our visitors and couple of these 'visitors' have accused us of being "afraid" of challenges (debates/discussions..etc) JUST because we made the choice to MODERATE the comments our visitors leave.

First of all, we made this choice because of the rather 'rude' comments we get from some of our visitors and since we rarely come online much due to other commitments, mainly studies, we had no other thing to do but to moderate the comments.

Second, if a visitor's comment does NOT contain any insults towards our beautiful Faith nor personal attacks we are more than happy to publish their comment. So this has nothing to do with being "afraid" of challenge. We are more than happy to discuss or debate just about anything our visitor brings up.

We pray to Allah (SWT) to guide us and all of our visitors to His light and to do that which pleases God (Allah SWT)...Ameen


PS: If you have any questions corncerning any of the topics on our blog or any question about Islam just contact us and we well try to answer it :)

EMAIL: journey2islam@gmail.com